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Eastern Medicine Vs Western Medicine

Have you ever went to 3 or more doctors about the same problem and just felt like you were talking to a wall and getting NO ANSWERS?! Yea... I think we all have been there. Especially my mom, who is a 3 time cancer survivor. That's what you call not taking "NO" for an answer. My mom is one of the main inspirtations and the reasons why I don't leave things open ended, especially when it comes to health. She got diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer when I was just in highschool. They told her she had one more year to live... and well... she is a 13 year cancer survivor because.. she's a stubborn saggitarius and she made sure to fight! GO MOM! Anyway.. I'm not saying that going to the doctor is a bad thing.. I'm just saying don't give up on the first try.

On a small scale, I woke up one morning with no voice, ear pain and a numb thumb (saying numb thumb makes for a good tongue twist lol). I went to urgent care right away because as a singer you shouldn't mess around with your vocal situations. So at urgent care they told me "Oh we can only see you for your throat because the doctor has to go to lunch so we can't help you with your numb thumb". I was livid but I took what I could get. In the end, I walked out with no answers because it was too early to tell what my illness was. Either way, she prescribed me a z-pak and some steriods to calm down the inflammation. She said not to take it until I got worse... which sucked. I still needed answers so the following day when I got worse I went to see my primary doctor. She said the same thing and told me the steriods would help my thumb but, didn't know why it was numb. Instead of trying to help me figure it out she let me leave with no referral and no answers. Day 5 of having a numb thumb I had enough.

Althought my voice had gotten better my thumb did not and I needed answers. I called my accupuncture specialist who believes in balance and harmony health. She uses chakra healing, chi, accupuncture, cupping and many more eastern medicine approaches. She asked me a few questions, checked my pulse and some pressure points. Once she started the accupuncture, she explained all the connections between all my nerves and chakras in my body. I could tell you how it all went down but I'm a busy girl and I'm also an impatient gemini. Basically after using all 7 crystals properly placed and charged on my body, cupping and accupuncture I was healed. She told me to give it 24 hours before I noticed the healing process but, it only took a few hours after for the numbness to disapear.

My point is, it took one hour with one doctor who ACTUALLY LISTENED and DIDN'T rush me out. Easter medicine is about listening to your body as a whole and not just focusing on the problem. Health is not just about the disease but also about the wellness. You need to know what is causing weakness in those particular parts of your body. Everything is connected. We are made of 3 parts known as the mind, body and soul. Depression creates a build up and stagnation in a certain part of your body. Anger creates stagnation and pain in certain parts of your body. I would have never known this because Western medicine practices tend to leave these important details out. People need to learn how to live a well balanced life.. not just physically but mentally as well. It's all connected guyssss!!! I know what you're thinking... "This must be expensive..".. NO it's not.. copays nowadays are anywhere between $25-$100 depending on the insurance. That adds up plus the cost of meds. Usually accupuncture/cupping is anywhere between $35-$100 depending on who you go to. Remember this was ONE visit. Also, what you really need to ask yourself is... Are you worth it?

Sabrina Kirkland is the specialist I go to in Thousand Oaks, CA. She is just exceptional.

All the best,

Redwolf Jewelry

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