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Cleansing Your Crystals!

Just like you, crystals and stones are holders of all types of energies. Clearing your crystals or recharging them is very important for healthy maintenance. There are many different ways to cleanse your crystals & stones but here are my favorite methods:

1) Smudging them with white sage: Take some white sage and begin to burn it until a good strong smoke is coming from your sage. Hold the crystal, gem, pendulum, or piece of jewelry in this smoke for at least one minute and preferably three or four minutes. This clears all negative energies that have become attached to this stone but does not energize the gem or crystal. To re-energize the stone, place it in a window so it can be exposed to the rays of the sun and moon. Remember, they re-energize even when it’s cloudy.White Sage is the only herb that I use to cleanse.

2) Cleansing through your intention: For those who are practiced in using intent to make energetic changes, place the crystals or gems in front of you, focus your mental energies upon these stones, and ask the powers of the Universe to cleanse them of all negative energies and to re-energize your stones for their maximum potential. This method however requires much concentration and focus and you need to practice for some time to ensure whatever you are trying to clear is actually cleared. And please remember to thank the Universe for doing this beautiful work for you.

3) Sun and Moon: The natural energies transmitted by the Sun and Moon can also energize your crystals with natural energies. Many people like to leave their newly cleansed stones under Moonlight and Sunlight for a day or two to allow them to absorb the different energies from the Moon and Sun. The Sun provides a stronger energy, whereas the Moon has a more gentle energy. When leaving crystals in Sunlight, please be aware that some colored stones may fade over a period of time if left in strong sunlight too often. Most stones should be left for 24 hours. Stones that absorb & hold more negative energies such as onyx and black tourmaline, should be left for 48 hours.

Recharging/Programming your crystals:

Once you have cleansed your gems, stones, crystals or jewelry you must recharge them with good intentions. Before starting, you may want to clear the room and yourself of extra or unwanted energies by using a cleansing Smudging Stick or Incense. To program a crystal for specific use or with specific energies, sit quietly away from distractions or strong electrical devices and external energies, then hold the crystal in front of you, clear your mind and focus on the stone. Give the crystal a cleanse with white light as explained above. Concentrate on the specific energy that you wish to program the crystal with, and 'transmit' the energies and thoughts from your mind directly to the stone. Be clear and direct when doing this and don't try to confuse or overload the crystal with different thoughts and energies. Do this until you feel happy that the required thoughts and energies have been transmitted to the stone.

Good luck and have fun<3

With Love,

Jessie Covets

Redwolf Jewelry

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